Academy of Arts University / Sp 2012/ Fsh 638/ mod 13.2 (JC Penney Business)

3 May

Hello All,

Earlier this semester I didn’t and article on JC Penney’s new selling strategy.  At that time it was effecting the stores overall profits, and customers where not happy with the no-coupons and sales.  Well, now the change is starting to affect the vendors that are sold in the stores.   Both The Jones Group Inc. and Iconix Brand Group Inc, stocks have gone down.  Even thou, JC Penney have recently had a slight increase in their stocks.  Iconix Brand Group and Jones Group are looking to take their business elsewhere.    Gloria Vanderbilt and Easy Spirit brands are some of the popular brands that are sold there.  Those two vendors have had increase sales since the change.  Yet, JC Penney has decided to drop them to bring in anew vendors.

As we all develop our clothing lines and look for locations to successful launch our collections.  New like this can be very unsettling.   Would we want to start off having our collections sold in a store that is struggling due to change?  Could we be successful with a company how seems to be taking a really dramatic risk? Personally I don’t think I would want to take a chance, especially because I’m a brand new vendor.   They don’t seem to want to support their vendors that they have had for years.   What do you think?



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