Academy of Arts University (Spring 2012) Fsh 638 Journal – Control Freak Shaper

16 Mar

Came across some another new concept in women’s underwear this week.  I found and interesting article for a company called “Wacoal” and their new Control Freak Shaper underwear for women.  The concept of this new line of underwear briefs is that they only come in two silhouette shapes.  The line is designed for women who either have a pear shape or apple shaped waistline and bottom.  The apple shaped underwear has tummy control panels and it is also built to lift a women’s bottom.  The pear shaped underwear designed for a smaller waist and fuller hips. The slogan for the new line is “Your body, Not Just any Body”, which is interesting and catchy.  The line is going retail for $38, and will sell in sizes small to XXL.  This allows line to be purchase by women of many different body sizes.  The line is schedule to launch on April 1, 2012.  It’s another interesting line of women’s inmates that has the everyday women in mine.  I can’t wait to see how it will be accepted.  I think that this will be a hot seller; women are always looking for ways to make their body silhouette appealing.







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