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Academy of Arts University / Sp 2012/ Fsh 638/ mod 9.2 (Kohl’s Department Stores New Changes)

29 Mar

To be quite honest I have never been a big fan of Kohl’s department stores.  But, the other day I was driving by a Kohl’s location that recently open in my area about a year or two ago.  I had time to kill and thou that maybe I could get some ideas for our up and coming project in the store.  While walking around I Kohl’s I notice that all the sales signs are no longer paper, they have a mixture of paper signage and new computerized signs on top of the clothing fixtures.   While shopping in the store I noticed that the lights were not as bright as a normal department store.  But, they have an announcement that comes over the overhead speakers stating that the store receives its electricity from solar powered panels from the roof of the building. 

My recent visit to Kohl’s had me wanting to know more about what is currently going on with Kohl’s department stores.  So I researched and found and article on WWD that gave me a better incite.  To the new changes that are going on in Kohl’s stores.

According to the article Kohl’s is has currently open eight in seven states that have the following:  “Updated checkout stations, newly designed shopping carts, reinvented beauty departments, fitting-room lounges, expanded customer service areas relocated to the front of the store, in-store kiosks and electronic signs for all departments.” Along with these eight stores that have been remodeling 50 current stores.  Which the store I visited must have been one of the 50 stores, it was very inviting and much easier to understand the signage.  I asked one of the employees how they liked the new store set up.  She stated that she likes that fact that she does not have to update the signage for anymore.  There are no more signs left behind with the wrong pricing on them anymore.  So they are not giving the customers discounts, because the old sales signs where left up by accident.

The whole store was very modern compare to my last visit in that location. Even the fashion choices have improved since I last shopped in Kohl’s which a plus is.  The only thing I think they should improve on is making the light brighter.  If I was a designer I would want my clothing to sell in Kohl’s.  Kohl’s seems to be keeping up with current trends not only with fashion but also with store set-up.



Academy of Arts University / Sp 2012/ Fsh 638/ mod 8.2 (Emilio Cavallini Fall 2012 legwear collection)

22 Mar

Emilio Cavallini has really out done himself, with his fall 2012 legwear collection.  I came across this amazing runway show of his from February’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York; there is where he shared his legwear collection entitled “”Risque Business”.  The collection was inspires by 1950’s pin-up model Bettie Page.  Some of Madonna’s dancers during the super bowl halftime show where wearing some of the legwear.  The styles of the legwear range from shocking to chic in prints of black floral lace, tattoo motifs, fishnets, and shredded tights.  He also introduced bold stripes, dots, animal prints, plaid, chevron, houndstooth, argyle and paisley.  They are also made for men as well so, I guest Cavallini did not want to leave anyone out.  The legwear for women can range in price from $12-$142.50 base it you get the luxury line or not, which is not that bad for Cavallini.  The unisex line is only $27, which is also not that bad either.


Here are the websites attached below:


Runway show:


Online Boutique:



Academy of Arts University (Spring 2012) Fsh 638 Journal – Control Freak Shaper

16 Mar

Came across some another new concept in women’s underwear this week.  I found and interesting article for a company called “Wacoal” and their new Control Freak Shaper underwear for women.  The concept of this new line of underwear briefs is that they only come in two silhouette shapes.  The line is designed for women who either have a pear shape or apple shaped waistline and bottom.  The apple shaped underwear has tummy control panels and it is also built to lift a women’s bottom.  The pear shaped underwear designed for a smaller waist and fuller hips. The slogan for the new line is “Your body, Not Just any Body”, which is interesting and catchy.  The line is going retail for $38, and will sell in sizes small to XXL.  This allows line to be purchase by women of many different body sizes.  The line is schedule to launch on April 1, 2012.  It’s another interesting line of women’s inmates that has the everyday women in mine.  I can’t wait to see how it will be accepted.  I think that this will be a hot seller; women are always looking for ways to make their body silhouette appealing.






Technology and Innovation in Women’s Intimate Apparel

7 Mar

Technology and Innovation in Women’s Intimate Apparel

This week I wanted to look a little deeper into the science and technology of lingerie to have a better understand of how to format my project.   We always think that lingerie is constructed of basic materials like; cotton, satin, silk, elastic, and polyester.  But, I came across this week several articles that discuss the innovation in women’s lingerie.

While looking through the I came across a great article about Playtex.   Playtex is one of the largest women’s lingerie companies around.  They have recently come up with a Wi-Fi Bra.  The bra is constructed of patented Flexi–Support Panel, which is supposed to give more support and give the breast an enhanced shape.  It also has flexible plastic, which replaces traditional underwire.  It’s supposed to make a women look 10 years young.

I can see this bra giving us women more support and a better shape.  But, I can’t see how it can possibly make us look younger. This is probably a bra we would need to try on to see the difference.

Intimacy 2.0 by Studio Roosegaarde has taken technology and combined it with lingerie.  The garments are made of opaque smart e-foils, which can become very transparent the closer you are to the person wearing the garment.  This is intimate apparel should probably be worn for those special private moments between a couple. Studio Roosegaarde has also developed a line of dress for the red carpet. The dress is made of leather and smart e-foils.  The dress seems to be the opposite the stronger your heartbeat is the less transparent the dress becomes.  Lately, with all the wardrobe mishaps on the red carpet, I would recommend this type of dress.  Not unless you’re looking for some attention.  Check out the YouTube video I on the website it’s really interesting.

Amoena Mia is a women intimate apparel designer who has created a great innovative way for women to stay cool.  Amoena Mia has constructed a bra made from outlast fabric, which is made of a densely saturated micro-capsule.  That when the bra makes contact with a women’s body it helps regulate her body temperature.  It’s also supposed to help prevent few rashes and less irritation. This bra is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer weather that is just around the corner.  It’s also a great idea for athletic women, and women going through the change of life.  The bra is also constructed for women of all sizes; it ranges from size 32 to 46 and up to a J cup size.    Amoena Mia has also developed a line of swim wear as well, click on the website to check it out.


When it comes to full size women it’s hard for them to find bras that comfortable and affordable. has come up with a bra that is designed for full size women. The size range from 38B to 54G, and the cost is ranges from $26.99-$31.99 based on the size.  The bras are also very innovative; the bras are made with a super pliant and lightweight silicone extra-wide gel straps.  The bra is called “fort Choice Gel Strap Bra”, its use to help give more support without hurting shoulder with the traditional bra straps.  The bras come in a large vary of colors and textures as well.  To read a little more click on the website below to see the YouTube video as well as the article as well.

I have found some great articles combine innovation and technology in women’s lingerie and intimate.  I never knew that lingerie and intimate apparel has involved so much over the years.  But, it’s truly amazing to come across such, interesting articles to learn from and share.


The Lingerie Journal and being U.

4 Mar

  The lingerie business seems to be growing and growing every day.  When you think that we have seen it all, something else comes along and grabs our attention.  While reaching some trends in lingerie, I came across this interesting website called it’s called “The Lingerie Journal”.   It’s a great website for retail companies and independent retail owners; to research current trends, use as a resource, current features, and get some expert advice.  Retailers can also look access new collections via video to help them increase profits for their business.   It’s also a great source for new designers to break into the industry as well.

While looking through the articles and trends on “The Lingerie Journal”, I came across two new lingerie designers (Sadia Sisay and Sumana Mukhopadhyay).   They have a new line of lingerie that was designer with women of color in mind. The line is called “being U”, the line is designed to fit women of many shapes and sizes.  But, its purpose is to provide women of all nationalities and skin tones with lingerie and underwear that match their complexions.  They are also constructed not only fit more comfortably, but they design to be long wear as well. 

Currently, the line has not been launched to the public not as of yet.  It made its debut Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York on Feb 21, 2012 – Feb 23, 2012.   It’s also a hot topic on Facebook and Twitter.  I can’t wait to see the actual line in retail stores.