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Trends in Fashion and Social Media

26 Feb

Do you often wonder if the outfit you’re wearing is fashionable enough?  You want feedback about your personal style, but want more than just the opinion of your friends and family.  Here is a great website where you can snap photos of yourself and post them on this site so that people around the world can give their opinion of your personal style.  It’s called Style Mob!  It’s a social media site that helps create fashion does and don’ts.  Personality I’ll take the opinion of my friends and family, I don’t need the opinion of others classify my sense of style.  But, I do find it interesting and a great way to create fashion trends.  Check it out and let me know what your opinion of this site is:


Macy’s Partners with ShopNbc

19 Feb

Macy’s amazes me how they have kept business new and fresh lately and also maintained their old customers as well.  Macy’s is very active with the internet, social media, and also within their stores.  The stores have been remodeled over the years to be very modern and appealing.  They offer a lot of discounts and promotions especially joining forces with many charities.  They have lots of celebrities processing their merchandise thru them.  They have also added new designers as well as keep up with the trends with their old ones.  But, recently I have noticed they have taken their business to another level.  Macy’s have partner with ShopNBC and launched goods from there Cellar department not only live actually today 2/19/2012, but they have products on the ShopNbc website as well.  Macy’s is so creative and ways think outside the box.  I love how they take risk, and they for the most part works for them.



Old Navy move to keep business coming.

14 Feb

Old Navy is currently expanding it’s business by adding new ventures. Old Navy is retailer that seems to keep their head above water. They are constantly coming up with new ways to keeps sales up. They are already have a iphone app. Now they are joining forces with “Snap Appy” to create and app for Andriod app. Way to go Old Navy! They really know how to keep their business coming to them. Check out the article below.

Diane Von Furstenberg 2012 spring collection. “It’s floral heaven”. Her collection always keeps a little of her traditional wrap dress, with exciting new pieces that are to die for.

7 Feb

Hello world!

7 Feb

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